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Packhorse Public House, Central Bedfordshire

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Watling St, Kensworth, Dunstable, Bedfordshire

  • When one considers the location with name of village pub, it is possible that this pub stands on the site of a Roman taverna. It is on Watling Street. The name given to an ancient track way was first used by the Britons. It was mainly between the modern cities of Canterbury and St Albans. Kensworth has recorded history from AD 975. This was when it locals knew it as Ceagnesworth, the enclosure of a man called Caegin. The pub name is from the period when horses carried corn with wool before canals. Railways played any part in the movement of goods. There was a woman, a car crash victim near the pub. She was carried here for the authorities to attend haunts the Packhorse. Over 40 years ago, someone called a taxi driver to the pub to collect a fare. Immediately outside the pub is a man, almost six feet tall. Witnesses see him wearing white clothing, stepped out in front of the cab. When the report appeared in the local newspaper, several other motorists came forward to say that they too had seen the same figure, dressed in white. All maintained that this ghost had come from the Packhorse Inn. In the late 1950s, a cricket team was returning along the A5. Outside the Packhorse, the driver of the minibus swerved to overtake with crashed into an oncoming car. Two men expired. Three were seriously injured. These people haunt the area where the accident took place.


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