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Old Hall Hotel, Cheshire East

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High St, Sandbach, Cheshire

  • This is a fabulous Elizabethan manor house from 1656 with a First-grade listing. There are At least 14 ghosts haunting its oak panelled rooms. This stands on the site of the original mansion of 1480. Inside it has three Jacobean fireplaces, a priest hole, with the original oak baluster staircase. It has been said to be the most haunted hotel in England. It was investigated for a television programme by paranormal teams. It was concluded that at least 14 ghosts haunt the Old Hall. Some guests have reported the sensation of being pushed under water whilst taking a bath while others have woken up at three am fearful that their room was on fire. This may be connected with the fire of 1656 that had raged through a previous building. One persistent manifestation is that of Sir John Radclyffe, the original owner of the hall. Witnesses describe him as being a tall man in 17th century style clothing. During renovation, renovators removed the panelling. Behind it was discovered the skeleton of a baby. Reports claim that The Grey Lady is the mother. She frequently walks, still looking for her lost child. One room exhibits ghostly manifestations. These include a boy called Matthew; two girls aged about 12 have taken up ghostly residence in another room. They are seen sitting on a bed. Witnesses see an aged woman, thought to have been a servant, sitting in a rocking chair. A ghostly woman in a bee-keeping suit, witnesses have seen, walking from the front door to the staircase. There has also, witnesses saw, an apparition of a dog in one bedroom. A big ginger cat patrols his earthly patch.


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