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Old Church House Inn, Teignbridge

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  • This was one of the most important coaching inns between Exeter and Plymouth built on the site of a former Saxon manor house. Some people describe it as the most haunted inn in the country. Among the easier ghosts to recognise are a barmaid, an elderly man, and a monk. The proprietor says that every year people write to him after their stay to tell of the ghosts they have encountered during their visit. One woman wrote to the proprietor to tell him that the old man seen in the bar and a bedroom is ‘Emmet’. During the Second World War, a police sergeant went into the bar and spoke to an army officer. He bought the soldier a drink and said to the barman ‘and one for the man at the fireplace.’ However, when they turned around, the man had disappeared. Staff have also had strange experiences and on one occasion, a housekeeper saw a ghost walking behind the proprietor into a wall.
  • Old Church House Inn at Torbryan


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