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Old Bell Hotel, Stroud

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Long Street, Dursley, Gloucestershire

  • Here is a 13th century former coaching inn at the town centre. Many years ago, a cleaner, now called Mabel, who had been wronged and abandoned. She hanged herself at the Old Bell. One day, some passing solders on a recruitment drive, bought drinks for the young men in the bar. Mabel’s lover got drunk. He took the King’s shilling. He was taken away to fight in some war, never to be seen again. The room where she died, after finding she was pregnant, with left to her own devices, is home to her restless spirit. Witnesses have seen the sad creature beckoning to staff, only to disappear. On numerous occasions, knocking on bedroom doors has awakened guests at 3AM and a disembodied voice calling ‘It’s eight o’clock’. The Old Bell is further home to a long dead monk who makes infrequent appearance. Serving girls have reported laying out all the cutlery, napkins and china in the restaurant on the first floor. When they returned, they found that everything on the tables had been rearranged.


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