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Miners Arms, Cornwall

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Mithian, St Agnes

  • One of the most fascinating inns in Cornwall is the Miners’ Arms. The building dates from 1557. It has a large number of small rooms. These are on different levels. Several have stone flags. The Penance Cupboard, on the stairs, is where people escaping from religious persecution hid before escaping down into a cellar. They then walked through a secret passage to a nearby manor house. Many escapees died in those tunnels from wounds or illness. Witnesses saw, their ghosts, walking in a row along the passageway of the Miners Arms, past the bar towards the Penance Cupboard. All are in 17th century style of dress. One photograph displayed in the pub, taken in the late Victorian period, shows a group of people at the manor house. This image includes two children in sailor suits with their backs to the camera. However, who should not be there. This was by comparison with other prints from the same negative.


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