Marquis of Granby, Colchester

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Marquis of Granby, Colchester

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24-25 N Hill, Colchester, Essex

  • For many years, this was Ye Olde Marquis. It is a beamed building, with haunted by James Parnell, a Quaker Martyr, dying in captivity in 1656. Parnell was arrested for blasphemy, after preaching at a Colchester church, with at first held at an inn on the site of the present Marquis of Granby. Subsequently, he was imprisoned at Colchester Castle. It was obliged to climb a rope to a basket each time he wished to eat. He fell to his death from the rope in May of that year, with now haunts the dungeon and the pub. There is one account that a foolhardy man stayed one night in the dungeon for a wager. He emerged the following morning a gibbering wreck. The pub is also haunted by the phantom of a ghostly Cavalier from the English Civil War. Immediately outside on the street, witnesses have seen the ghost of a Puritan man in dark clothing and a white bib.


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