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Kings Head, Spelthorne

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Church Square, Shepperton

  • Charles 2nd and Nell Gwynne stayed here, as well as Lord Nelson, Charles Dickens, Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor. It is a 14th century inn, with appears in Dickens’s Oliver Twist when the burglar, Bill Sykes, took Oliver and the dog, Bulls-eye, to Shepperton for some criminal activity. Over the years, a headless monk has been perceived as a drifting ghost around parts of this inn. Legend has it that it is the phantom of a monk from Chertsey Abbey. He gave up his holy vows to live with a woman on a farm at Shepperton. It is claimed he was beheaded by his holy brothers for transgressing against the laws of celibacy. Nearby, there is a rectory where a curate, J.M. Neale wrote the Christmas carol, Good King Wenceslas.


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