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Kings Arms Hotel, Chiltern

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30 High Street

  • An astonishing old inn, it has been utilized ordinarily for film with TV preparations. It has a history from the fourteenth century. Back then, it was a training inn. There are a few phantoms in home. One of the more relentless ones is an alternate nebulous vision seen inclining toward the old posts in the front bar. Numerous clients have reported feeling the vicinity of an apparition sitting in the bar, which used to be the judges' court for Amersham. Witnesses saw Dark considers fluttering along with rooms. A cleaner, wearing 1920s style of apparel shows up as a phantom in one of the rooms. She then breaks down through an entryway, which squeaks as she clears out. Now and then, in the early hours of the morning, observers have heard a mentor with steeds; conferred with running over the clearing stones at the back of the King's Arms. There have additionally been reports of pictures tumbling off dividers as though pulled by irate hands.
  • Kings Arms Hotel at Amersham


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