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About Ghost Pubs

Let us tell you who we are

We launched this website on Halloween 2013. It is an encyclopaedia of haunted pubs, e.g., public houses, hotels, bars, clubs, etc.

We list such haunted establishments, irrespective of whether these are active or even still exist. has an enormous number of haunted pub listings. We have collected our reports from a combination of books on the subject, newspaper articles, information passed to us from social media, breweries, pub chains, and finally staff and ex-staff from haunted pubs.

We are an authority on haunted pubs. We are the largest website outlet dedicated to haunted pubs. We have over 1800 haunted pubs on record. We remain in contact with high calibre mediums, psychics, and the like. Also, we receive a high volume of web traffic. We are frequently approached for featured articles in the press. For example, The Publican’s Morning Advertiser and the North West Evening Mail have written about us. We have regular interviews with BBC Radio too.

Our contributors

Phil Carney is a software developer with a life-long interest in strange phenomena. He provides the code and infrastructure for the website. He set up the website to keep alive the stories of haunted British boozers – which CAMRA had claimed were shutting at a rate of 26 per week. My main interest is in pubs that have been reported as haunted. He does not speak for other members who carry out paranormal investigations and other work.
She has a degree in theology and history. She often sources useful materials to use on the website and elsewhere.
His career relates largely to IT, retail, and quality customer service. He brings a high level of creation, communication, and a feel for user experience to the Ghost Pubs Team. His editorial skills are particularly valuable to us. His experience keeps our communications clear and our concepts appealing.
He writes stories and blog entries for Ghost Pubs.
He has a parapsychology degree and performs paranormal investigations. Contact him on twitter @cider_guy. He also provides with his thoughts on haunted pubs. Here is an example: The Royal Oak, Chichester.
Events coordinator and paranormal investigator, recently interviewed on BBC Radio Cumbria.

Ghost Pubs Services

Add a haunted establishment that is still trading

We can add a haunted establishment on this website. We would consider any establishment with a bar. We would make it searchable on this website as well as SEO friendly to search engines, such as Google and Bing. You would need to write a description of the haunting or a ghost story about the establishment. We do the rest.

Extended listing for a haunted establishment

We could write a story for you about haunted pub, irrespective of whether the venues are still trading. The stories often draw upon local knowledge to keep the stories as close to the version of events.

Add a haunted establishment that is no-longer trading

We also list haunted establishments that are closed or even demolished. If you add one then we would make it searchable on this website as well as SEO friendly. You would need to write a description of the haunting or a ghost story about the establishment. We do the rest.

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The team behind online database is compiling a list of the most terrifying taverns and spooky saloons

Karl Steel at North-West Evening Mail


The UK is estimated to have more than 1,000 haunted pubs, with many of their licensees making capital out of spirits — and not just the liquid variety.

Andrew Don in The Publican's Morning Advertiser

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Mark Abrahams, thank you for your time [regarding the Ghost Pubs Least Haunted Campaign]

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At last, the most comprehensive database of haunted pubs in the UK. Your first port of call when researching the subject.

Jay Hollis, Author of Haunted Enfield

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The foremost Authority on haunted pubs and inns; Ghost Pubs Dot Com is perfect for planning a ghostly pub crawl or to get insider information on paranormal activity in your area.

Alan Tigwell, Ghosts in the Garden of England, forthcoming


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