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Holly Bush, Hertsmere

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High St, Elstree, Borehamwood, Hertfordshire

  • At this five centuries old inn, folks have seen a fat man with ponderous footsteps, heard wandering abroad, with to then suddenly disappear. A nearby car park was once an undertaker’s premises, with Locals think that some phantoms at the Holly Bush are from that period. Another ghost, with a Van Dyke beard, , witnesses have seen, on many occasions, with said to be John Turtle. He was the son of an 18th century mayor, who used this inn frequently. It was a heavy gambler. Turtle was deeply in debt to another man, William Teare. There was an argument that led to Turtle shooting Teare, cutting his throat and hiding the body in a marsh. Turtle was arrested and hanged and Teare was buried in the nearby churchyard. The man at the Holly Bush , people have claimed, to be the ghost of William Teare.


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