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Hales Bar, Harrogate

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1-3 Crescent Road, Harrogate

  • At a lovely old town and former spa resort, Hales Bar is the oldest licensed premises in Harrogate. It is an old coaching inn and founded in the mid-17th century. Rebuilt in 1827, it became the Promenade Inn. This was enlarged in 1856 and the name was changed to Hodgsons. When William Hales took it over in 1882, it became the Hales Bar. In keeping with its history, it still maintains gas lighting and cigar lighters. For the most part, it exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include poltergeists with strange sounds and manic laughter. Licensees have reported bottles and glasses falling off the shelves, spin and drop. However, never smash. Customers have witnessed shadows walking through the bar. When it was investigated by a paranormal team, the static camera caught a black shape floating down behind an internal door. The light on the camera adjusted itself to it. One property owner said ‘All the regulars believe in it, they call the ghost Mary. When she is busy, they all say 'That is Mary throwing a tantrum'.


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