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Green Tree, County Durham

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41 Tudhoe Village, Tudhoe, Tudhoe, County Durham

  • This is a unique name for a pub, although there are many called the Green Man. It is a stone built pub on the village green. This pub exhibits ghostly manifestations. These include a Blue Lady. The legend is that many years ago, a former proprietor poisoned her entire family. However, there is no documented history beyond that. Reports maintain that it is an evil woman who haunts as a ghost in one room. A youth also haunts the pub. On frequent occasions, he has walked into bedrooms of members of staff and awoken them with a jolt. A long-standing story of Tudoe is that of a headless black horse and a male rider without head. Together, they typically emerged from the stagnant waters of an old pond, now gone. However, the phantoms still manifest from where that pool had been.


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