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George Inn, Swale

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53-57 High Street, Newington, Sittingbourne

  • This hotel was once part of the nearby manor of Newington Lucie, which had stood for 600 years until demolished in 1857. Now the George Hotel is a Second-grade listed building. Since mid-Victorian times, the ghost of a grey hooded shadow , witnesses have seen, here. One little girl saw the ghost of a man wearing a ‘dress with a hood’ and called him, “My friend.” This is the frequent manifestation of Brother David, a nephew of an earl of Rochester, who was caught in a compromising situation with a nun. He was stripped and thrown down a well, while the pregnant nun was bricked up in an oubliette to die of starvation. Outside the village church of St Mary the Virgin, is a stone, three feet high with the imprint of a hoof. One account for this phenomenon is that the devil could not tolerate the sound of the bells at this church and decided to steal them. He put them into a sack and leapt from the church tower. He crashed below and the bells fell out, to roll into the stream. The evil spirit then disappeared, leaving his footprints on the waterside bank.


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