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George Hotel, Wiltshire

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High St

  • A fabulous old inn with history from the 17th century and built on the site of a pilgrims’ hostel from the time of Henry2nd. It was the headquarters of General Fairfax during the English Civil War, with the author Charles Dickens wrote of it in Martin Chuzzlewit. It exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include the ghost of a soldier from the First World War. When he manifests, he is wearing a khaki uniform and wrap around gaiters. Frequently, there are sounds of horses trotting around the courtyard. There is some belief that Amesbury is derived from Ambrosiuis Aurelianus, leader of Romano British resistance to Saxon invasions in the 5th century. Amesbury is also associated with the Arthurian legend as the convent to which Guinevere retired. The Amesbury Archer is an early Bronze Age man whose grave was discovered during excavations at the site of a new housing development at Amesbury in May 2002. The man is believed to date from about 2300 BC. He is called the ‘archer’ because of the many arrowheads that were among the artefacts buried with him.
  • George Hotel at Amesbury


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