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George, Crawley

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Crawley, West Sussex

  • The Prince Regent and his courtiers dined and changed horses here on their journeys to and from Brighton. The George opened in 1616. Outside is a chilling reminder of the summary justice of days gone by as the gallows protrude from the inn onto the market square. The inn exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include Mark Hurston, a former night watchman. His ghost , one may hear, patrolling still. Hurston, when he was alive, was noted for delivering wine to residents in their rooms, whether they wanted it or not. It was roundly abused on occasion for waking them. One guest left poison in a bottle of wine, with the unfortunate night watchman took it away and drank it. He shortly afterwards died in one of the rooms. Hurston is still about as a ghost, creeping about in a furtive manner.


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