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Fox and Fiddler, Colchester

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1 St John's St, Colchester, Essex

  • At first appearance the curiously pub presents itself as a modern pub. In fact, it has a history from the 16th century. Parts of it are Tudor. Over the years, locals knew it as the Ship, Headgate, and Elephant and Castle. It was known as The Boadicea too. This was after the first century Queen Boudicca, whose warriors successfully defeated the Roman Ninth Legion. He destroyed the capital of Roman Britain, then at Colchester. Further evidence of the age of the Fox and Fiddler is revealed in the pub ghost. A cleaner from the 1640s, Sarah, was one of the many victims of Witchfinder General Matthew Hopkins. The legend is that Hopkins found Sarah hiding with others in the ancient cellars below the pub. He accused her of being a witch. This legend maintains that Sarah was chained to a wall and the bricked up to die. However, many residents have seen Sarah. Employees described her as having long blonde hair, a lace cap, white pinafore, and a black dress. She does not like anything being moved in the attic, as this had been her room. She is also held responsible for poltergeist activities when drinking glasses are smashed in the lower bar.


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