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Farmers Arms, Torridge

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Woolfardisworthy, Devon

  • It is a fine village name. It is often spelled ‘Woolsery’. It is home to the finely thatched Farmers Arms. Parts of the building have history from the 13th century. It also has a mysterious well. It is over 1,000 years old. One previous proprietor uncovered this well. It had a stone slab. It has wooden and metal shields concealing it. The stonewall of the well was four feet below this. Then there is 21 feet of clear water. This set off a chain of paranormal activity with individuals being thrown to the ground by an invisible force. Many of the staff and residents reported being stroked by cold hands whilst in bed. The daughter of that proprietor saw the phantom of an old tramp standing beside the well, with a ghostly face appearing at an upstairs window. A psychic investigator reported that a man had been murdered near the old well, with had been thrown down to conceal the body. It is furthermore haunted by a proprietor from the 1960s, Roy Chapell. The curious village name is from the Old English for Wulfheard's homestead.


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