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Drovers Inn, East Dorset

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Gussage all Saints, Wimborne, Dorset

  • How could anyone walking or cycling in this area fail to drop in to Gussage All Saints, even if it means a five-mile detour? The Drovers’ Inn is a lovely old 17th century country pub. It exhibits ghostly manifestations. These include an old man wearing agricultural clothing from the early 19th century. A phantom highwayman, dressed in black. However, with no hat, people have claimed, to haunt this pub’s cellar. The village exhibits ghostly manifestations. These include the ghost of the Earl of Shaftesbury, an extraordinary manipulative politician from the English Civil War. His ghost haunts the lanes. In his coach and horses, he invites individuals to step into the vehicle with him. The author, Thomas Hardy, lived in the village at one time. He referred to this inn in several novels.


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