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Dog and Duck, South Cambridgeshire

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63 High Street, Linton, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

  • A truly fascinating looking building with all one needs for ‘Ye Olde English Inne’. It is perched next to a brook with ducks with swans. It is close to a bridge at the side of an old ford. The ghost has taken up residence at the pub. Duck is an elderly man with a querulous voice. Witnesses have occasionally seen with heard him sitting in one corner of the pub. He has often moved chairs around in the bar during the night. He taps people on the shoulder with a heavy hand when something he overhears appears to annoy him. The Dog with Duck opened as an inn in 1850. However, its name is not so innocent as at first glance. Such pub names sometimes referred to the royal diversion of duck hunting favoured by Charles 2nd. People threw ducks with pinioned wings into ponds or lakes. They sent spaniels in to hunt them out.


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