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Crumplehorn Inn, Cornwall

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Crumplehorn, Polperro, Looe, Cornwall

  • This inn might have been named after a well-, locals knew, local cow with a misshapen horn or it might have some reference to the nursery rhyme, the House that Jack Built. It is an ancient inn, recorded in the Domesday Book, with exhibits ghostly manifestations. These include an elderly man and occasionally a young woman. Polperro exhibits ghostly manifestations. These include the ghost of Zephaniah Job, harbourmaster at the turn of the 18th century. He had acted as banker to local smugglers, with said to suffer a violent death. Almost three centuries ago, there was a most cunning local parson, Richard Dodge. He claimed to be a ghost hunter and exorcist, which was a cover for his secondary job as a smuggler. He advised local people that the Devil haunted particular parts of the beach and the walkways down to it. This information kept honest and frightened people away at nights. It guaranteed that the smugglers could carry out their illegal activities without disturbance.


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