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Crown Hotel, Doncaster

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Market Place, Bawtry, Doncaster

  • Built for the heavy coaching traffic and as a posting house, the Crown Hotel is home to quite a bevy of ghosts. An aged monk in a belted habit , witnesses see, haunting the stables, where he died many years ago. Wandering the dining rooms is the ghost of a serving girl, recognised by her uniform. An assailant took her life by her lover in a fit of pique and rage. A paranormal team people called in to investigate the paranormal phenomena. They reported finding a woman walking along the upper corridor, with a ghostly young child sitting in the corner of the restaurant. Finally, there is the Crinoline Lady who died in a fire many years ago, with haunts the old wing. The curious village name is from Old English Baltry, a tree rounded like a ball.


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