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Craven Heifer, Craven

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1 Main Road, Stainforth, Settle

  • It is an unusual pub name and for a heifer born in 1807. By 182nd, the beast was five feet two inches at the shoulder and weighed over one ton. It had been reared by the Rev. William Carr. The Craven Heifer pub now presents as an early Victorian building and white painted. In December 2001, the Craven Heifer was visited by Prince Charles when he launched ‘The Pub is the Hub’ campaign. It exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include a ghost , locals knew, as ‘Tacksy’ who wanders around at night, with alleged to drink Martini Rosso during his nocturnal perambulations. Bar employees, report when he manifests he is stands with his hands held behind his back. He holds a riding crop and wears riding pinks.


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