Crab and Lobster Public House, Sidlesham

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Crab and Lobster Public House, Chichester

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Mill Lane, Sidlesham, Chichester, West Sussex

  • Sir Robert Earnley expired by a troop of Cromwell's soldiers here during the English Civil War. His dying breath came from inside the pub after he managed to drag himself there. His tall, uniformed ghost is now seen in the Crab and Lobster, with typically prior to dawn. Although he has also been witnessed at other times, laying on the floor in a pool of blood. This 15th century inn is close to the quay. One bar counter is in the shape of a boat decorated with brass portholes and rope. The first definite mention of cricket in Sussex relates to local ecclesiastical court records in 162nd. Th, witnesses report, that two parishioners of Sidlesham failed to attend church on Easter Sunday since they had been playing cricket. They were fined 12 pence each, with made to do penance.


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