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Coach and Horses, Harborough

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2 Leicester Rd, Kibworth, Leicester

  • It is difficult to decide the more curious fact about this early Victorian pub. Its owners changed into a ship, albeit the ghost of a man buried before he was dead haunts many miles inland, or that it. Dealing with first curio, proprietor Andrew Southerden and residents of the village spent hundreds of hours turning the outside of his pub into a ship to celebrate the Elizabeth 2nd’s Jubilee year. The other is a local miller, who took on a bet with other men to drink a vast amount of gin. Although he drank the most, he collapsed and died. It was put into a coffin within a short time. At the time, some said they heard faint scratching sounds from inside the coffin. However, it was generally considered it was imagination, with a gravedigger buried his body and Since then his ghost has been haunting the Coach and Horses, with said to have a most disagreeable look upon his face.


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