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Chough, Wiltshire

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36 Blue Boar Row, Salisbury

  • The bird, the chough, has been a popular pub name in the West Country for several centuries. The name describes several members of the crow family, which are found on sea cliffs along the south and south-west coasts. Most often, it refers to the red-legged crow, or Cornish crow. The bird features in much of the legend of the area, with King Arthur , people have claimed, to have entered the body of a chough when he died. The Chough at Salisbury, a former coaching inn, is now a narrow fronted building, with history from the 1300s and exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include Henry Stafford, Duke of Buckingham. He the authorities executed in 1483 following the failed rebellion against Richard 3rd. The duke was imprisoned at the Chough before his execution on the market square. It is also maintained that Debenhams department store exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include the ghost of Henry Stafford. This had been the site of the Blue Boar Inn, where he may also have been imprisoned. Under the Chough Inn are the old dungeons where prisoners were held. Many died from neglect and torture and are among other ghosts haunting the inn.


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