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Bull's Head, Rochdale

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Ogden Lane, Lane Bottom, Newhey, Rochdale, Lancashire

  • In 2007, Christmas Spirit became significant for regulars of the Bull's Head in Ogden. They anticipate their standard happy visits from apparitions. The nebulous visions of a man, a lady and a puppy have been seen by customers, the landlord, Paul Whitmore and his wife, Marlene. They say glasses are bafflingly tossed from behind the bar, when there is no one there. A previous chef was singled out by the spirits, who continually tossed pots at her when she entered the kitchen. The women of this hostelry welcomed two mediums. The mediums reported that the building was haunted by three spirits. Inquisitively, the spirits just turn up around Christmas and leave when the climate begins to get hotter.


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