Blacksmiths Arms, Rothwell

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Blacksmiths Arms, West Lindsey

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Hillrise, Rothwell, Market Rasen, Lincolnshire

  • A former blacksmith’s shop, it became the Nickerson Arms to commemorate a local landowner, Joseph Nickerson. More recently, it became the Blacksmith’s Arms. There was a collection of flying boots belonging to pilots from the Second World War, who had been forced to ‘bang out’, RAF slang for bale out or eject from aircraft. It is a 16th century inn, haunted by at least two ghosts. One is an old farm labourer, seen sitting at a table with a large pewter or clay mug before him, with the other a blacksmith in leather apron. Occasionally, there are sounds of wartime bombers over the Blacksmiths Arms, with the sounds of 1940s swing music from inside. At one time, the licensee was so concerned that he called in an exorcist. However, that seems to have been to no avail.


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