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Anchor Inn, Waveney

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133A High St, Lowestoft, Suffolk County

  • On many occasions, individuals awakened at this hotel by an icy blast. As they awake, they report, seeing a man in a monk's cowl and habit disappearing through a wall. Investigations carried out show the temperature in that room drops several degrees for over two hours when the phantom , reports claim, on his nocturnal perambulations. It has been recorded that the building is on the site of an underground chapel of St. Bartholomew's Priory, demolished in the fifteenth century. Early in the 20th century, workers on renovation found an old chapel and two tunnels leading from the Anchor to the parish church. These may well have been used by priests and religious adherents escaping during difficult political times. In 1664, two old women of Lowestoft, Amy Duny and Rose Cullender, were sent for trial for bewitching children. This was one of the most famous of English witch trials, with set a precedent in law for the New Salem witch trials some 30 years later. Dreadful accusations were made, with Sir Matthew Hale, judge, said it was maintained in the Bible there were such manifestations as witches and he believed this religious history. Three days later, the witches had , authorities executed, .


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