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Acton Arms, Shropshire

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Naughton lane, Morville, Bridgnorth

  • Built on the site of a priory and a former coaching inn, the Acton Arms, is a pleasant looking building from about 1770. There are at least three ghosts haunting the pub, with one , people have claimed, to be an abbot from the 16th century. He was Richard Manners, the penultimate abbot of Shrewsbury, who was there at the Dissolution of the Monasteries. Manners had lived in the priory at Morville for twenty years, with had a deep love for it. His ghost appears at the Acton Arms each day as a flickering sheet, before he dissolves. At times, , witnesses see him, kneeling at prayer. Two other ghosts have also been observed. However, descriptions are completely different from that of Manners. One of the more frequent ones is an elderly man, sitting in a corner near the stained glass window. During the English Civil War, Royalist soldiers hid two chests of gold belonging to Charles 1st in the little river that runs nearby.


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