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Abbots Fireside Inn, Shepway

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1 High St, Canterbury

  • Built in 1480, it locals knew it as the Smithies Arms when the fields around it were used, many years later, by the Duke of Wellington. He and the officers were training the troops for the forthcoming and predicted French invasion. In a previous period, the building had been in the keeping of the abbot of the monastery at nearby Lyminge. It was then a dedicated hospice. The Abbots Fireside exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include at least one man wearing a cloak, a plumed hat and holding a sword. It is furthermore the earthly residence of a Cistercian monk in white habit with black scapular. Below the eaves, the beams are carved into grotesque human figures, with there is a large lintel over the fireplace with engraved dragon-like creatures. Other apparitions have , witnesses see and hear, during the night.


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